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Advaion is a great Business partner whom always delivers results. Their team of consultants has enabled our finance department to grow and get the technical support we required. Advaion demonstrates the ideal of integrity and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them.

Chief Financial Officer
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The typical time it takes a company to prepare for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) ranges from 18-24 months during which time all accounting and management processes, systems, and operations need to be able to meet compliance standards and scalability. Advaion has successfully guided companies through the process of an IPO and transformed what can be a stressful experience into a rewarding one for our clients. Our team of expertise ensure the IPO is filed on time, within budget, and meets all compliant standards.

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Travel and Aviation
Media & Technology
Consumer Retail
Financial Services
Utilities & Energy
Transport & Logistics

If you’re considering taking your company public,you must first look at your organization closely to determine if it has the attributes necessary for success. You should also be aware of the financial costs associated with going public. You should be able to effectively answer the questions below to determine if you are ready to go public.

When you go public you are selling your company and your vision of what it can be. You need to be able to effectively present what your company vision is, how you plan to achieve your vision in the form of a comprehensive business plan.

Investors will want to know who is on the team and what strengths they bring to the company as well as whether or not they are capable of implementing the vision of your company.

Your board of directors should understand your industry and be able to bring ideas and experience to your company. They should have a diverse background with expertise that can help guide your company through the transition of private to public.

Your earnings should represent a good return on sales and on assets employed and the longer the period of earnings the better. You may need to restate earnings from previous years if traditionally, earnings were minimized for tax purposes.

The SEC requires strict reporting on a timely basis which will require you to have the proper financial and information systems in place.

Along with costs such as legal, accounting, and on-going audit fees there also listing and registration fees and out-of-pocket selling costs. Once the company is listed, there are annual costs for reporting and filing.

The IPO process offers successful companies a new source of capital that can facilitate continued growth, but is it right for your business? If you would like to explore this possibility, the Advaion team can bring an objective perspective to the decision. If the decision is to go ahead with the IPO process, Advaion can then guide your organization through every step in the process.

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